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Order your bakkwa in advance for Chinese New Year 2023!

*Bacon packagings are indicated by a BLUE sticker at the top right corner*

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Note: There is strictly no option to select specific delivery date and time. 

Everything is by timeframe basis only. 

Should you require your bakkwa to reach you on a specific date and time, do email to us at ask@royalphoenix.com (note that an extra delivery fee will be charged based on your needs)

Mission: Help Save The Earth!
We strongly encourage everyone to join us in this effort to use lesser paperbags.

For every order, our system will by default calculate 75% (round down) of paperbags according to the number of packets purchased.

Example: If you order 8 packets, 6 paper bags will be given. 
If you order 3 packets, 2 paper bags will be given and so on. 

Should you require more bags, please indicate in the remarks before checking out!

Premium Lean Hind Meat, Authentic Multifloral Honey, Sauces

Why Is Our Honey Bacon Bakkwa Different?

Introducing our newest item -- Honey Bacon Bakkwa!

Made from the most premium pork belly, luxuriously marinated in our signature special homemade recipe.

We use thick strips of the best part of the belly, ensuring long and succulent pieces for your enjoyment! Each strip is at least 18cm long.

Over here at 167, we don't believe in serving our customers tiny scraps and bits from spare parts!

  • Each glorious strip is lovingly vacuum-sealed for fuss-free hygiene -- no more oily hands to wash!
  • Convenient for mahjong, cards and lots of angpao giving and receiving!

  • True to the 167 tradition, every strip is honey-roasted to perfection, retaining all the juiciness and flavour in every bite!

  • Contains no preservatives and is vacuum-packed for maximum freshness!

  • Comes ready to eat but you can put it in the oven/toaster/airfryer for extra crispiness!

  • Great for bakkwa lovers of all ages!

  • Best before: 3 months at room temp; 4 months in fridge.

#lovedfordecades #skipthecrazyqueues #letuscometoyou: 

Our History: 
Showered in a secret marinade of the most premium spices, 167 Royal Phoenix’s Bakkwa is known as the nation’s little lover.

Passed down from our ancestors throughout the generations, 167 Royal Phoenix continues the legacy of our family’s perfected secret recipe Bakkwa since 1927.

With every single piece of bakkwa grilled to a gloriously perfect smoky finish like no others, taste the richest in flavour honey-infused bakkwa in the whole nation!

And let every single piece of our bakkwa remind you of the culture and traditions that should never be forgotten.

Our Commitment To You:
Here at 167 Royal Phoenix, we take pride in serving you the most authentic and premium Honey Infused Bakkwa:

- Our Bakkwa is the legacy of our family’s perfected secret recipe since 1927

- Nothing but only the FRESHEST ingredients are used, to ensure finest quality

- Infused with our multifloral honey, a healthier choice than sugar! (Fun fact: Honey is more easily digested by our body!)

- Every single piece of bakkwa is carefully prepared!

Delivery Information:
We do not deliver to the following areas: Jurong Island, Sentosa, Tuas
If there are any orders to above areas, we reserve the rights to reject the delivery.

Available delivery timeframes can be found during checkout!